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Project My Pet Puppy

Sviluppatore CandyCode
1.16 usd

Welcome to Project My Pet, a cute experience with augmented reality, where you can use the camera on your smartphone or 7 inch / 10 inch tablet to see and play with a your own virtual puppy. To play with the Project My Pet Puppy, you'll need to go to and print out a picture of the puppy’s basket.
Right-click on the image, save it to your computer then print out a copy onto ordinary printer paper or card, any size (but about 5cm square is ideal). You can use colour or black and white ink.
Now place the puppy’s basket on a flat surface, run the app and point your camera at it. If nothing happens, try holding your phone at a slightly different angle or moving the basket to an area with better lighting.
You can change the puppy's position by rotating the basket or moving the camera up and down or side to side. Once you are happy, you can play with your brand new puppy by tapping the buttons on your phone’s screen - you can feed your pet, get it to stand up or hear it yip. It can also wash itself, sit still, jump up and settle down to sleep.
If you lose the basket or it gets damaged, just go back to to print out another copy.